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The evolution of Paleo Meals To Go began on a backpacking trip around the Maroon Bells peaks near Aspen, Colorado in the summer of 2013. An ultra-running friend introduced founder Ty Soukup to the Paleo diet earlier that year. As it was for him, the Paleo diet was also transformative for Ty. His energy levels increased (no more after lunch carb crashes), GI issues stopped, skin and complexion improved, his blood work and body composition metrics were in the top 5%, and his athletic performance at the CrossFit gym and in running events improved dramatically. He never thought he could feel so good, and also eat so well.

Like many others, Ty found the Paleo diet easy to maintain on a normal schedule, when you can shop for fresh ingredients and prepare the food at home, but as soon as he embarked on trips for work or pleasure, he was plagued with trying to figure out how to maintain the diet with the camping meals or travel food options available. These trips usually turned into “cheat” trips and within hours of eating non-Paleo foods, symptoms of his past returned.

“Never was this more evident than on my first multi-day backpacking trip around the Maroon Bells 14ers (14,000+ foot elevation) in Colorado. I went to REI and examined my options for Paleo backpacking meals and quickly realized the camping meals were not for me. I whipped out my phone and did a Google search for Paleo backpacking and camping meals, which returned no results, so I was forced to sort through a plethora of store options, but none that satisfied my expectations for a clean, wholesome Paleo, gluten-free, freeze-dried meal. I thought to myself, why isn’t someone making a Paleo backpacker meal that appeals to folks on alternative diets, such as Paleo, gluten free, etc.?”

He was forced to buy what was available and literally paid the price after 20+ miles of hiking with a 50 pound pack after he was forced to eat one of the only previously available backpacking meal options.

“It was in that moment, behind that tree, that I pledged to do something about this for all others like me. A few months later, and after some additional market research, I ran the business idea by my mom (Dawn Anderson), and we decided to launch Paleo Meals To Go!”

Together the mother-son team formulated a wholesome and delicious combination of freeze-dried, gluten free, grain free, milk free, soy free, protein-rich, and shelf-stable ingredients to comprise Paleo backpacking and camping meal options for when you’re on the go. The lightweight, freeze-dried backpacking and camping meals are the premier choice to meet your dietary preferences, won’t weigh you down on your backpacking, hiking, or camping trips, and make for great military MREs and emergency food supplies too!

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Dawn was raised on a family-owned cattle ranch in northeast Wyoming where her family was pretty much self-sufficient, raising their own eggs, milk, beef, growing a large vegetable garden and where eating out all the time wasn’t a viable option living 11 miles from the nearest town of 400 people.  Dawn is an educator and an artist who enjoys the outdoors and traveling. After being introduced to the Paleo diet by her son, she recognized the health benefits of returning to a clean and simple diet and enjoys the challenge of creating delicious freeze-dried backpacking meals with Paleo ingredients. She is especially happy to be able to help people by providing healthy, gluten free backpacking meals that allow them to stick to their diet no matter where they go!






Ty Soukup

Ty grew up near the nation’s first national monument, Devils Tower National Monument in a rural setting, driving tractors and chasing cows on his time off from school. He is an engineer by training, and an athlete, and entrepreneur at heart. Shortly after adopting a Paleo diet to fuel his active lifestyle and to help heal chronic inflammation, Ty realized it was virtually impossible to maintain the Paleo diet while pursuing the outdoor adventures he loved. Hence, Paleo Meals To Go was conceived as the solution to maintaining a clean, healthy, Paleo diet, while pursuing his passions. Paleo Meals To Go embodies his love for outdoor adventures and leading a healthy, active lifestyle.