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Paleo Meals To Go is pleased to print this guest blog post “FOOD PLANNING TIPS FOR A KAYAK FISHING TRIP” by Jeff Mandel.  Jeff is a fishing and kayaking enthusiast, a proud father and an avid Houston Astros fan. Jeff created his kayak fishing blog early 2016 with a plan to provide useful information and resources for kayak fishing, canoeing and fishing in general to new anglers. A longtime passion turning into a new career with the help of his son Kevin. You can email Jeff at [email protected].


Kayak fishing can be downright exhilarating. When you’ve booked your day out on the water, you’ll feel the anticipation building up.

If you’re not careful, you may forget to bring along life’s necessities. Your paddle and PFD are important, but you cannot forget those other nuances, such as food and a first aid kit.

They might seem like minor nuances at the time, but you’ll get hungry when your adrenaline begins to stall.

Choosing the right foods for a kayak fishing trip can be trickier than you might imagine.

Simplify this problem by relying heavily on the tips provided below.

Get A Dry Box

Most foods do not mix with water very well. This is especially true, if you’re talking about pond water or even salt water.

It is vital to find a way to keep your edibles dry throughout the duration of your trip.

Investing in a cooler or dry box is highly recommended. Some specific types of kayaks will provide you with plenty of space for a cooler.

Fill it with ice or cold packs and the insulated box will keep your edibles fresh and delicious all-day long.

Don’t Forget the Water


Food is important, but you cannot forget good old H2O. If you go kayak fishing when the sun is beaming down, there is a chance that you’ll become dehydrated.

Plus, it is essential to remember that drinking pond water could be incredibly dangerous.

This is why it is best to bring along several bottles of water. Kayaking can be rough and fishing includes many sharp objects, including hooks and a knife.

Instead of using bottled water, consider investing in something far more durable. A titanium drinking water bottle will definitely do the trick.

 Energy Bars

Masala Turkey Curry Bar labelKayaking can be very exciting and strenuous. Once your adrenaline has drained, you’re going to feel totally exhausted.  You’ll need a quick pick me up. This is why you should consider bringing along a few energy bars.  Lithic bars  or Wild Zora bars are definitely a wise decision. These delicious treats are tightly packed, so they will not consume a lot of space in your kayak.

Just toss the snack bars into a dry bag and keep them nearby.  As soon as you feel tired or hear your belly rumble, this delicious snack will solve the problem in a jiffy.

Freeze Dried Meals

Paleo Meals To Go 9 Meal Selections

There is a reason astronauts take freeze dried foods to outer space. Items that have been freeze dried can survive almost anything. Plus, they’ve gotten a little tastier over the past few years. On top of that, these meals can be eaten on the go.

There are no preparation requirements. Just rip open the bag and enjoy them right there near the campfire.

When scouring the market for freeze dried meals, you’ll find that your options are plentiful.  However, you should definitely consider adding premium freeze-dried meals from Paleo Meals To Go including their best-selling Mountain Beef Stew to your kayak. You’ll be glad you did when the delicious gluten free treat hits your tongue.

Healthy Trail Mix

It isn’t unusual for a kayak fisherman to get so engrossed in trying to snag a big bass that they forget to eat.

Of course, you will probably not have enough time to consume a large meal or you probably won’t even want to. So, the next best option is fruit trail mix, which comes with a mixture of freeze dried fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Trail mix is not only fulfilling, but also lightweight and portable. Other healthy ingredients found in trail mix include:

A handful of nuts contain as much protein as a slice of red meat. Protein is capable eliminating hunger, improving brain function and accelerating the repair of muscle tissues. Faster recovery is crucial, since you will be paddling for long distances in different environments.

The other ingredients will boost your energy levels, while replenishing the nutrients you lost during the strenuous exercise of paddling.

 Ziploc Bags Provide Convenience for Everything

If you are planning a kayaking trip, it is highly likely that you are going to be spending several hours on the water.

In fact, you might even be planning to spend an entire week kayaking. Whatever the situation is, you are going to need nutrition and plenty of it.

Another food planning tip for a kayak fishing trip is while there are a wide variety of different quick and easy foods, Ziploc bags are a complete necessity. Not only can you easily store your food items inside, but they also can be utilized to store key items like wallets, cell phones, and tackle.

These handy little bags are available in a variety of sizes, so you will not have a problem finding the perfect size to accommodate all your items.

Remember to bring along at least one to two one-gallon bags for your trash, so you don’t leave a mess up and down the beautiful coastline.

The Basic Cooking Utensils

Prepping your food supply and eating out of your kayak is completely different than eating at home.

If you forget something, it isn’t like you can run into the next room and grab it. You will simply be out of luck. This is why it is imperative that you make sure you have the proper utensils.

Not only will you need utensils that will help you prepare the food, but also you need utensils to eat the prepared food.

Some key items to bring along on your trip:

  • Fork
  • Spoon
  • Small pot
  • Small pan
  • Small cutting board
  • Serving dishes
  • Spatula
  • Knife

Remember to bring the utensils you feel are necessities. You’ll have limited space. Therefore, non-necessities should be left at home.

Thanks, Jeff and Kevin, and “Happy Trails” to everyone from Paleo Meals To Go!

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Paleo Meals To Go Supporter of American Packrafting Association

Paleo Meals To Go was pleased to sponsor the American Packrafting Association’s Roundup this year, which was held on the Snake River in Idaho.  We were tickled to receive this nice letter from the group. 

The Roundup is a one-of-a-kind event in North America, a unique opportunity to connect with the packrafting
community — influential veterans, enthusiastic newcomers, and everyone in between. During the 3 days and 4 nights
of the Roundup, your products and company information were prominently displayed and accessible to attendees at
the central admin tent that is the hub of the event. Raffles, and our silent auction, drew considerable attention to the
products, not to mention excitement and avid discussion among attendees. Ultimately, over $4,000 was raised to fund
APA initiatives in the coming year, thanks to your generosity, and other sponsors.

This year’s Roundup was held on the Snake River in beautiful Swan Valley, Idaho, and attracted over 100 participants from across the US, making it the most well-attended Roundup to date. The APA’s volunteer leaders paddled nearby rivers and lakes with packrafters of all abilities, including the Snake, Henry’s Fork, the Upper Greys, Granite Creek and the Hoback. Swiftwater Safety Institute and Rendezvous River Sports provided swiftwater rescue courses and a paddling clinic. The evening program included presentations on Leave No Trace, backcountry repairs, and updates on conservation and access initiatives. Keynote speaker Bretwood Higman inspired the crowd with his family’s adventures in Alaska, and Mike Fiebig of American Rivers showed a sampling of films from the Wild Rivers Film Tour.

Looking for a fun adventure?  Give rafting a go!

Happy trails from everyone at Paleo Meals To Go.

American Packrafting Association Roundup

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Heather “Anish” Anderson is Brand Ambassador for Paleo Meals To Go

We were thrilled when Heather “Anish” Anderson, holder of a growing number of Fastest Known Time speed records, agreed to try our meals during her races and became a brand ambassador for Paleo Meals To Go.

Triple Crown of Backpacking

Heather, known as “Anish” on trails, completed her “Triple Crown” of Backpacking in 2006 at the age of 25. She completed the 2,100 mile long Appalachian Trail in 2003, the 2,600 mile long Pacific Crest Trail in 2005, and the ~2,600 mile long Continental Divide Trail in 2006. She subsequently took up ultra-marathon running! Heather “Anish” Anderson has completed six 100-mile races since August 2011 as well as dozens of 50k and 50 mile events. She has attempted the infamous Barkley Marathons four times, starting a third loop once. When not logging trail miles she climbs peaks in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

Fastest Known Time

She is well known for setting the overall self-supported Fastest Known Time (FKT) speed record on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013 (60 days, 17 hours, 12 min).  This meant breaking the previous men’s record by four days and establishing the first female record! In 2015 she once again made FKT history, setting the overall self-supported FKT on the Appalachian Trail (54 days, 7 hours, 48 minutes). Again, she also broke the men’s record by four days and the female record by 26 days.  Most recently (October 2016) she set the overall self-supported FKT on the 800 mile Arizona Trail (19 days 17 hours 9 minutes) breaking the previous men’s record by about 2 days and establishing the female record.

Heather “Anish” Anderson is Brand Ambassador for Paleo Meals To Go

When not on an adventure Heather is an online coach and ACE-certified Personal Trainer. She also speaks about her adventures regularly. She is currently working on a book chronicling her Pacific Crest Trail record.

For information about our amazing brand ambassador, Heather “Anish” Anderson, check these out:

Personal Blog:
Facebook Adventures:
Facebook Coaching and training:
Instagram: @AnishHikes
Twitter: @AnishHikes


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Paleo Meals To Go Now Sold at Chopwood Merchantile in Crested Butte, Colorado!

Paleo Meals To Go now sold at Chopwood Merchantile

Lots Happening In Crested Butte, Colorado

When Elizabeth O’Connell, from Elevation Outdoors magazine, the leading guide to outdoor sports, health/fitness and adventure travel in Colorado, the Rocky Mountain West and the region’s top regional outdoor publication, offered to connect us with Travis Underwood, owner of Chopwood Mercantile, we were happy to accept. One of the great things about working with small, independently-owned stores is that it only took a few emails to make things happen!  Travis took a look at our meals and as a supporter of local brands, he immediately decided to put our meals on the shelves in his store.

Chopwood Merchantile

Chopwood Mercantile is a refreshing find in the world of ‘outdoor’ retail and their philosophy is based on the motto #LiveYourPassion. They take decades of mountain retail experience and merge it with the concept of a ‘public house’ along with a little bit of old-school friendly mercantile. Paleo Meals To Go is pleased to announce our products can now be found on store shelves at Chopwoood Mercantile, 120 Elk Ave., Crested Butte, CO.  Thanks, Travis!


Elevation Outdoors Hosts Jackpot Giveaway

Three companies will be offering up goods for the Elevation Outdoors Jackpot Giveway.  Here’s your chance to win 10 free meals from Paleo Meals To Go.  Check out the details and sign up to win at:

Paleo Meals To Go in giveaway in Crested Butte, CO
Paleo Meals To Go in giveaway in Crested Butte, CO

Happy trails from everyone at Paleo Meals To Go!




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Paleo Meals To Go Starts Monthly Newsletter

Hello, Paleo Meals To Go fans and friends.  We’re starting a monthly newsletter with content we hope you’ll enjoy and find useful. Our newsletter will:

Introduce you to our brand ambassadors and other customers who use our products and have awesome adventures to share.

We were first acquainted with Art when he was preparing for his 4200 mile Amazon River trip in a 40′ wooden canoe in 2016. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Art has also traversed volcanoes in Ecuador, climbed Denali, completed Bear Grylls’ intense five-day survival course and set a solo, double-traverse record (at age 65) of Death Valley. He will be climbing Borah Peak in Idaho with TV reality star Jeff Zausch (from Naked & Afraid and Discovery’s Dual Survival) during August’s total solar eclipse. The trip is sponsored in part by Paleo Meals to Go. And to top it off, Art manages to give back to his community by actively volunteering with the Sun City PRIDES and Sun City Hikers groups. We are pleased and proud to have Art on our team!

Our monthly newsletter from Paleo Meals To Go will announce our favorites as well as the newest stores carrying our products.

The very first store to sell Paleo Meals To Go products was Backcountry Experience, which is owned by Ben Rockis and located in Durango, Colorado. Ben’s crew is constantly on the lookout for unique, quality products that help you make the most of your mountain adventures so when we sent some samples down, Ben knew it was a good match. You can find the entire line of Paleo Meals To Go products at this gem of a store, which won Durango’s Best Small Business Award in 2009.

Paleo Meals To Go’s Monthly Newsletter will keep you up-to-date on company news and products.

Coming soon! Our newest product, Paleo Meals To Go Plateau Pineapple Tidbits are healthy snacks when you’re hankering for something sweet. Choose our delicious fruit tidbits for an after-school, on-the-trail or in-the-car snack because our pineapple is freeze-dried, not dried or dehydrated, and freeze-drying retains optimal levels of flavor, nutrients, and the original cell structure of the fresh fruit.

Pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese. It is also a very good source of copper and a good source of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, folate and pantothenic acid. Finally, a crunchy, sweet snack that you can feel good about giving to your kids or enjoying yourself, straight out of the pouch, anytime, any place.

Plateau Pineapple Tidbits are gluten free, grain free, milk free, soy free, nut free, nightshade free, shelf stable, and rich in antioxidants and nutrients. No additives, no preservatives, no added sugars, oils, or sulfur.

Our newsletter will offer helpful trail tips for your next outdoor adventure and announce sales and shipping promotions.

Need an inexpensive alternative to a pack cover? Pack covers are often bulky, heavy and, sometimes, ineffective. Instead of covering the outside of your pack, line the inside of it with a trash compactor bag and keep all gear inside. Trash compactor bags are super waterproof, replaceable, affordable and weigh a fraction as much as a pack cover.

Thank you to our loyal customers for supporting Paleo Meals To Go. We’d appreciate you sharing our emails with your friends and family and helping us spread the word through your social media channels.

Happy trails from everyone at Paleo Meals To Go!

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Home of the Free, because of the Brave

Remember our veterans. Memorial Day- Home of the Free, Because of the Brave

Please remember.  

As we plan our backpacking trips, backyard BBQs, and visits with our family, it’s easy to forget why we get that three-day weekend at the end of May. We often take for granted that we can hop in the car and leave for a short vacation, free to go anywhere we want and do whatever we please.

Paleo Meals To Go would like you to join us in stopping for a few minutes this Memorial Day to remember all those brave men and women who have served our country, who have been separated from their families, who have been injured, or who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and died for their country.

We should also acknowledge the family members of the service men and women, who waited at home for those long days, weeks, and months missing their loved one, or who may be growing up without a dad, or making their way through life without their spouse, or child, or friend.

Let’s make an extra effort this Memorial Day to personally thank a veteran, or their family member, and genuinely express our sincere gratitude. Maybe offer to mow the lawn for an older veteran who lives on your street, or become a mentor to a young person who may be missing a parent. Do something to really show you care, and are genuinely thankful.


Remember our veterans. Memorial Day- Home of the Free, Because of the Brave

Happy trails from everyone at Paleo Meals To Go!

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Paleo Meals To Go Makes PALEOHACKS Top 13 List

13 Best Paleohacks

Paleo Meals To Go was included in the list of 13 Best Paleo Meal Delivery Services released recently by Paleohacks.  The full article can be found at:


Paleo meal delivery services have become increasingly popular during the last few years. With healthy eating on the rise, and the internet e-commerce world blossoming, we’re seeing a brand new batch of meal delivery services.


Paleo Meals To Go is one of them and we made the list!

“Paleo meal delivery service is the next best thing to having a private chef in your kitchen.”

If you saw this blog post, use HACKS15 for 15% off your next order!

Happy trails from everyone at Paleo Meals To Go.

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Paleo Meals To Go Wins Denver’s SBDC Leading Edge Business Plan Competition

SBDC Business Plan Winner

Leading EdgeTM

The Colorado SBDC’s strategic planning series, LEADING EDGE™, delivers comprehensive training to small businesses by providing entrepreneurs with a better understanding of starting and operating a small business. The program has courses geared to help both start-up and existing businesses in the areas of finance, marketing, management and more.

The program is offered statewide and over 3,000 businesses have participated in this intensive, specialized training series since the program’s inception in 1989. While a typical LEADING EDGE™ series meets once a week over 10-15 weeks, the series may differ in format from center to center.  Five-day intensive bootcamps or a 9-month extended coaching programs are sometimes offered. All LEADING EDGE™ courses involve approximately 36 hours of intensive training facilitated by state-certified instructors.

LEADING EDGE™ courses are highly interactive, which ensures the flow of information not just from the instructor, but between participants as well.

LEADING EDGE™ participants graduate from the program with a completed business plan in hand. Graduates are invited to a statewide ceremony at the Governor’s Mansion each spring, where prizes are awarded to the top plans in the state.

Paleo Meals To Go Wins Local Level Competition


SBDC Denver Leading Edge Graduation

Paleo Meals To Go was announced the 1st place winner for the Denver SBDC LEADING EDGE™ class at the graduation ceremony held at Que Bueno Suerte (1518 S. Pearl Street, Denver, CO) on Thursday, April 13.  The top three business plans from Denver’s SBDC will advance to the state competition.

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Need Easy, Nutritious Food While Blacktail Deer Hunting?

Blacktail Deer Hunting in Alaska photo

When Paleo Meals To Go customer Larry Lewis needed easy, nutritious food for his hunt, he chose Paleo Meals To Go.  Larry sent in these great photos from his Akalura Lake, Kodiak, Alaska Blacktail Deer Hunt.


We’re happy our meals worked well for you, Larry, and thanks for the great testimonial:

I tried the gluten and nut-free Paleo Meals To Go for the first time while on a recent Blacktail deer hunting trip near Akalura Lake, Kodiak.  I loved them!

My buddies and I are all long-time Alaskans so we hunt hard and tent camp with light fly-in gear.  We often hunt in near or sub-zero weather in extremely remote and mountainous areas and pack the meat we harvest back to camp on our backs. So, we are usually ready to eat anything and everything not bolted down or frozen solid come nightfall.

Many freeze dried meals I’ve tried over the years didn’t taste much better than the C rations I ate in the military.   I found that these meals are easy and quick to prepare and they rehydrate nicely.  Paleo Meals To Go go down easy, taste great and have the added benefit of actually being nutritious!  I try very hard to eat gluten, nut and soy free and as generally clean as possible so really appreciate the makers of this product going the extra mile to cater to the healthy eating lifestyle.

I will absolutely use these meals again.

Larry L.–December 30, 2016

Anytime you are outdoors and need a hot, delicious, nutritious meal, Paleo Meals To Go is a great option.

Happy trails from everyone at Paleo Meals To Go.

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Simple And Quick Paleo Diet Recipes To Make On The Go


Wow, talk about a great article with excellent recipe ideas for busy Paleo folks!  Check out Karen Reed’s article, “Simple And Quick Paleo Diet Recipes To Make On The Go“.

When Content Editor Julia Francis from Positive Health Wellness contacted us about sharing this article, we were so excited to do so because these recipes are top notch.  Here’s the opening paragraph from Karen’s article:

“When you’re on the go, you want quick meals to make. The problem is that so many traditional quick meals aren’t paleo friendly. They include bread and pastas that you’re not allowed to have.

So, that means looking for something more paleo specific. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find some excellent and delicious paleo diet recipes that are super quick and simple. You can make them on the go or prepare them beforehand to eat while you’re out.

Now you just have to decide what you want to enjoy for your next meal. Here’s a look at 8 must-have recipes for your back pocket.”

and look at the beautiful food photography!



Classic Steak and Eggs photo

Thanks, Julia Francis, for the opportunity to share this great article.  

Happy trails from everyone at Paleo Meals To Go!