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We harness the power of dark chocolate to flavor this bar without adding any sugar, leaving you with a natural taste without overwhelming sweetness. We’ve perfected this tried and true favorite that will bring your tastebuds right back to grandma’s kitchen – Dark Chocolate Brownie. Savor the primary protein your Paleolithic ancestors ate millennia ago with this decadent flavor!

Antioxidant rich dark chocolate chips and chopped almonds give this protein-packed bar an unbelievable taste that will leave you wondering how something so natural and simple can taste so good. Our lowest natural sugar bar option will not miss the mark in delivering you optimum nutrition with ultimate taste. Try it out with a coffee or glass of milk!

These bars have a lot of scrumptious almond butter in them – more than our other bars. Temperature fluctuations during shipping and handling can cause the almond oil to create a sheen on the bars upon opening. Not to worry, it’s completely safe and completely delicious.

Lithic bars are hand-made in a peanut-free facility with local and natural ingredients that you can pronounce. Lithic fortifies their base protein of sustainably raised crickets (roasted and milled into a fine powder) with nutrient-packed superfoods to give your body pure unadulterated nutrition. Lithic never adds any sugar, and they keep everything GMO, soy, lactose and gluten free. Lithic bars are perfect for a snack in between meals, as a post-workout protein boost, or as a nutritious way to stay fueled up while enjoying the great outdoors.

While there are other companies out there using cricket as protein, the average use of cricket is between 5-8% in their products. Well, it’s not a gimmick for Lithic. All Lithic bars are between 17% and 18% crickets; the highest percentage by volume on the market!

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